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Alexandrov - Skliar Duo

Alexandrov-Skliar Duo, mandolin & domra)

The combination of Skliar’s pure, crystalline tone (mandolin) and Alexandrov’s warm, harp-like tone (domra) is magical.” 


Mark Linkins

Musical Director, Munier Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra

"From lively renditions of traditional folk music to elegant interpretations of classical favorites, Ekaterina and Alexey express the joy of their musical partnership and create a close musical connection with their audiences.​"

Joshua Bell

Musical Director, L'Esperance Mandolin Ensemble

     Both masters of domra and mandolin, Alexey Alexandrov and Ekaterina Skliar came together in 2015 to form a unique mandolin-domra duo that presents a repertoire that spans the globe; from Bach duets to neo-folklore and jazz. They arrange baroque and classical masterpieces, jazz and ethnic themes for their unique instrumentation, bringing together the traditions of classical music and the atmosphere of freedom from Russian folk origins.


     Ekaterina and Alexey have performed concerts in numerous American and Russian cities, where their performances got many positive reviews. The duo has become a nominee for the “MIRA” World Music Award (Russia) and a winner in the category “Best Instrumental Project” of the International Music Festival “Ustuu-Huree” (Russia). Alexey and Ekaterina are prizewinners of national, international and All-Russian competitions and music festivals, including International “Gold Iria” ethnic music competition, All-Russian competition “Young talents of Russia”, International Music Competition of Folk Instrument Performers, and others. They have collaborated with many celebrated artists including violinist Vadim Repin, Gypsy folk song string ensembles "Lendyvay & Friends," Oliver Lake, Kevin Mahogany, and Alain Musichini.

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